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Qingdao Bolan Group enterprise remembers the social return when developing, positively participating in charity activities and public welfare undertakings. In the past 35 years, the Company accumulatively donates more than 5,000,000 Yuan to the school, vulnerable groups, earthquake stricken area, new rural construction and others. In November 2008, we donated Bolan Guangcai Primary School in Jiaobei Town, and established 2,400,000 Yuan of "Bolan Education Foundation"; and then, we invested 800,000 Yuan of funds of "Bolan Education Foundation" for the campus infrastructure construction, poverty student aid and the rewards of the excellent students and teachers annually in 30 years.img

Bolan comes with the China's reform and opening-up at the same time benefiting from the sunshine and water of the time.
The development of Bolan drinks from the source, and its wealth keeps the society in mind and returns to the society.
Bolan will keep up with the times, create the wealth and practice the true meaning of enterprise value.