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Bolan Group widely develops the technical cooperation and service with the international and domestic superior enterprises. Bolan produces the fermented and stir-fried products by cooperating with COFCO (China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation), produces the chillies and sauce products by cooperating with CheilJedang, Nongshim and other companies, and provides the deep processing and product supporting service for Xiabuxiabu, Mt.Hannashan Group, Pangu and Quanjincheng. Bolan Group takes the integrity, honesty and mutual trust as the cornerstone of cooperation, constantly seeks wide and deep cooperation with the international enterprises, progresses in study, and goes forward hand in hand in study, so as to create the value jointly.

Bolan Group produces the fermented products for more than ten years, and deeply comprehends the essence of the product. Now, it has the biggest Korean fermented sauce product production line in Asia, and the whole production space reaches the GMP standard. In 2012, we carried out the technical upgrading on the second production workshop, and cooperated with COFCO and Mt.Hannashan Group to produce the fermented sauce and stir-fried sauce products. Bolan knows the importance of leading technology and technology height well.

Bolan Group is specialized in the production of chilies and chilli products for more than 20 years, and witnesses the development road of pepper industry in China. Bolan is based on the principle of the leading thought, leading technology and advanced execution. Two sets of crushed chili finish machining production line with international leading level are provided in the third production workshop. The whole production space reaches the GMP standard.

As a main manufacturer of chili in China, Bolan thinks beforehand on the production equipment. The fourth workshop was built in 2008, the equipment and facilities have the international standard, and the whole production space reaches the GMP standard. We have four chilli powder finish machining production lines having the maximum production capacity in the same industry, one semi-finished chilli sauce production line and one seasoning powder production line.

Bolan Group builds the deep product processing center and 3800m2 GMP standard production plant by investing 48,000,000 Yuan, and introduces full set of automatic equipment involving fermentation, stir-frying, packaging and others, so as to realize the comprehensive upgrading of enterprise's technical capacity, deep processing ability and comprehensive competitive ability. We will continuously expand the new field and new market, so as to realize the sustainable and stable development.